N.º de producto: astute 514-72

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Autor: Philip Buttal 

Para: Dos Mandolinas 

Nivel: Intermedio plus

16 páginas


Mando-Rag 4'40
Beast & Baby 3'40
Jazzerello 3'30

Mando-Rag, Beast & Baby, Jazerrello each pick up a slightly different genre and are meant to be, above all else, fun and frivolous.
Jazzarello is a mixture of a Saltarello (a type of typically Italian dance) and a jazz swing.

Beast and Baby takes its name from two of  Alison Stephens instruments: Beast, a 1985 Pasquale Pecoraro mandola (octave mandolin) and Baby, a 1933 Luigi Embergher mandolin. The piece mixes a driving rhythmic theme for Beast with a more elegant and charming style of writing for Baby.
Mando-rag is self explanatory and is a fun and charming rag which exploits the mandolin's capability to carry more than one part at a time.
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