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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704)
Sonate Nr. 14 "Marias Himmelfahrt"
aus den "Rosenkranz-Sonaten"
for baroque mandolin and guitar
arr. by Daniel Ahlert
Basso continuo: Birgit Schwab

level of difficulty: medium to high

The present Sonata No. 14 is due to the scordatura (a, e', a', d'') of the violin is suitable especially for the six-string baroque mandolin. The basso continuo, here arranged for the guitar, can be played in the sense of the 17th century also with other continuo instruments, like harpsichord, organ, gamba, cello, lute and theorbo. 
With the exception of a few chords adapted to the mood of the baroque mandolin, the present edition contains the original text. The bars 1-6 are provided with no lecture designation and can be taken very quickly in the tempo. The fingerings, dynamics and signs are from the editor.

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N.º de producto: KM 2065

Marijke Wiesenekker (*1981)
Cordeleta (5')
for mandolin and guitar
guitar arrangement: Michiel Wiesenekker

level of difficulty: easy to medium

Cordeleta is an adventurous, vital piece of dreamy and romantic passages. It begins with a festive, light liquid portion, which merges into
a Habanera. The Cuban dance follows a strict part - the return to the common sense. A pretty waltz in tempered mood leads on to a dreamy, melancholy, but also capricious section, played on "Italian way". The piece concludes with the festive beginning and the Habanera.

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N.º de producto: KM 2136

Jean-Pierre Yraéta (*1955)
Caprice, Romance et Burlesque
for mandolin and guitar

level of difficulty: moderately difficult to difficult.

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N.º de producto: KM 2134

José Antonio Zambrano (*1965)
for mandolin and guitar

Level of difficulty: high

Montana is a state in the northwestern United States of America. The originality and beauty of nature gave the inspiration for this work

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En existencias

N.º de producto: KM 2163

Josè Antonio Zambrano Rivas (*1965)
El Valsecillo
for mandolin and guitar

level mof difficulty: medium

The composition is influenced by the folkloric language Zambrano Riva's, it's peppy and fun and has incidentally the opportunity to train the playing in an ensemble.

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N.º de producto: KM 2098

Erik t'Hart (*1964)
Narcissus in VAT 69
for mandolin and two guitars

Five-part composition in the favorite cast mandolin and two guitars. The short sentences describe the different enjoyment phases of an alcoholic relationship. Level of difficulty: medium to difficult.

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N.º de producto: KM 2132

Erik t'Hart
Lunatic Depressions

An appealing composition in the rare cast for mandolin and two guitars. The three movements - Much Ado About Nothing, The Abyss Of Too Much, The Shakes Of Too Little - describe different physical states. Level of difficulty: medium to high

15,50 *
N.º de producto: KM 2135

Erik 't Hart (*1964)
La Mère (7'40)
Ode an Debussy
for flute, mandolin und guitar

level of difficulty: moderately difficult to difficult

Recording on "kokoro" Molster Projekt WL6.

13,50 *
N.º de producto: KM 2156

Jakob van Eyck (1590-1657)
Engels Nachtegaeltje
for flute (mandolin or an other melodieinstrument) and guitar
arr. by Ricarda Schumann, guitar accompaniment: Marlo Strauß

level of difficulty: medium to high

The folky melodies of van Eyck in the arrangement by Ricarda Schumann for flute can also be played effectively by a mandolin or another melody instrument. The beautiful effect of the solo instrument is supported by a very successful guitar accompaniment in the style of the time.

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N.º de producto: KM 2127

Marianne Verpoest (*1958)
High Voltage (16')
for mandolin, guitar and marimbaphon

level of difficulty: difficult

Marianne Verpoest was awardee of th Herbert Baumann composition competition in 2006 with this peace. 
In a version for mandolin and piano "High Voltage" was releasded under the edition number KM 2149. 

I. Tensions
II. Silent witness
III. Reloaded
IV. Shut down
V. Flash of lighting

The movements can also be performed separately.

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N.º de producto: ZM 18070

Autor: Ludwig van Beethoven

Para: Mandolina y Cembalo o Mandolina y Guitarra

  • Adagio
  • Sonatine c-Moll
  • Sonatine C-Dur
11,50 *

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241 - 251 de 251 resultados