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15 inventive studies

Núm. producto: ASTUTE 514-32

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Autores: Alison Stephens, Barbara Pommerenke-Steel, Paul Mitchell-Davidson, Hugh Boyde

Mandolina sola

Editado por: Barbara Pommerenke-Steel

Nivel: Intermedio plus
20 páginas

The idea behind this book was to draw together four established “Astute Composers”, all of whom are experienced educators and mandolinists. They were encouraged to write studies that challenge the student in one or more technique “packaged” as an interesting and rewarding piece to play, not just an isolated study piece. The fifteen pieces in this book cover many topics including various forms of tremolo, positions, double-stoppings, chords, 2-part writing, staccato, harmonics, Right and Left Hand pizzicato, arpeggio technique, string crossing, duo-style, barrés, various stroking patterns and unusual fingering systems.
This book is aimed at Intermediate to Higher Intermediate level and should prove to be a very valuable resource

  • Repeat It Barbara Pommerenke-Steel
  • Starlight Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Canzon Hugh Boyde
  • Romanza Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Imposition Alison Stephens
  • The Deep End Hugh Boyde
  • Lullaby Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Snakes and Ladders Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Doce e Triste Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Caprice Alison Stephens
  • Nocturne Barbara Pommerenke-Steel
  • At the Double Alison Stephens
  • Different Strokes Paul Mitchell-Davidson
  • Duettino per Uno Alison Stephens
  • Haunted Alison Stephens